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Egg Harbor Township Tornadoes​

Egg Harbor Township Youth Softball is proud of it's 6-16U EHT Tornadoes Recreational League. EHT has a long heritage of championship recreational Babe Ruth All-Star teams, winning numerous titles at all age levels. EHT Youth Softball is open to all EHT girls from ages 5-17. You must be a resident of EHT to join our recreation program.  A regular season schedule is played week nights from April through June culminating in an ABRSL league Championship. From June through July, the All-star teams play in District, State, and Regional tournaments leading up to the Babe Ruth World Series. 

From September through November, EHTYS hosts a Fall softball league, where all games are played here at the Child's Kirk Memorial Park in EHT on Sundays. This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage for next level preparation, or simply to stay on top of your game for the next spring season. There are no standings keep, no playoffs, and no pressure. It's also the best time to introduce any new player to the wonderful game of softball!


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